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Using PubMed Studies

What are "Suggestions"?. Suggestions are items computed to have a higher probability of success in altering the microbiome. The computation is done using artificial intelligence on a "fact database" consisting of over a million facts obtained from published studies (PubMed Studies usually)

Suggestions should be reviewed by a medical professional familar with you before implementing. Some suggestions may have adverse reactions with some conditions. The suggestions are built using published research on humans and animals. The suggestions may not be applicable to humans.

The HIGHEST values are the ones with the most studies usually. The highest probability of actually doing shifting the targeted bacteria in the correct direction. It is NOT the magnitude of change or probability of helping.

There is NO data on relative effectiveness.

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Items to increase or take

Source: Prefered in bulk and organic, with make your own capsules
SubstanceProbability Estimate

Why "Source: Prefered in bulk and organic, with make your own capsules". First, few pre-capsulized supplements are organic, most have fillers and the cost per gram as prepared capsules can be 4x to 50x higher than in bulk. Many folks have reported things did not help until they change to a different brand with different fillers.

Contradictory Suggestions

I have seen lactobacillus rhamnosus gg (probiotics) being a TO TAKE and lactobacillus rhamnosus (probiotics) is to avoid. Why? Different studies have different results. Sometimes it is because of other factors (study done on healthy people in one case, on overweight people in the other case). One study may have measured the bacteria you are high in, the other did not. Similarly, one study may have measured the bacteria you are low in, the other did not. There is a forest of qualifications that are nearly impossibly complex to address, and if you try, it will often lack an objective decision that can be demonstrated ("I think...."). Where there are 'conflicts', my usual advice is to just omit it entirely from consideration. If you are taking it, keep taking it. It not, don't.

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