Data Summary

Data StoreCount
Microbiome Samples by AmericanGut 18
Microbiome Samples by BiomeSight 1707
Microbiome Samples by BiomeSightRdp 18
Microbiome Samples by CosmosId 38
Microbiome Samples by custom 30
Microbiome Samples by es-xenogene 34
Microbiome Samples by Medivere 7
Microbiome Samples by Microba 21
Microbiome Samples by SequentiaBiotech 36
Microbiome Samples by Thryve 1283
Microbiome Samples by uBiome 818
Microbiome with Symptoms 1662
Microbiome with Ubiome Metabolism 116
Bacteria to Bacteria Associations 417075
Bacteria to Compound Consumed 2442079
Bacteria to Compound Produced 2393509
Citations from US National Library of Medicine 9034
Different Bacteria Names 3635527
EndProducts-to-Bacteria Relationships 21268
Enzymes 8062
Enzymes to Bacteria 3217119
Medical Condition to Bacteria Associations 7190
Metabolism/KEGG added to uBiome 116
Modifier-to-Bacteria relationships 2099107
Modifiers of bacteria 2056
Odds Vectors 0
People who Uploaded 1656
Possible Bacteria 2435681
Probiotic Mixtures 287
Symptoms to Bacteria Reported 44175

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